1. “Can somebody please let my girl use the toilet first?” pleaded a mother. Everyone turned to stare. I was waaayyy behind so letting her have my spot will do no good. “Please? She really cannot tahan already!” A kind soul let the little girl use the loo. It was a queue of movie goers who have crossed their legs for 2 hours – I can understand they were reluctant to give in!
  2. Suvarnabhumi Airport – “Mister, Miss, this way please” and she ushers us to the immigration lane designated for handicapped, elderly, pregnant and families with children.
  3. Changi Airport – I traveled alone with my boy. The queue was long at the immigration. It took the officer at the empty lane 10 minutes before she walked up to me and ushered me to the counter to process my passport.
  4. Kuala Lumpur International Airport – there is no designated lane unless you are a person of status. Ptui! An Arabian man walks up to an empty counter that processes Malaysian passports. The immigration officer tells him that he has to queue at the foreign passport lane, which looked like it would clear in a day or so. He explains to the officer that he has 5 small children. The officer said ‘if I let you through, then other people will get angry with me!’. There was no reasoning with this dimwit. The man and his family stood back in the foreign passport queue.


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  1. Amelia
    Amelia April 19, 2013 at 1:30 pm | | Reply

    What irritates me about being in queues is when people don’t use their time standing in queues wisely e.g. queuing up to buy movie tickets. That’s the time to decide which movie to watch and NOT only decide when you’re in front of the cashier and asking one another ‘What movie to watch ah?’ Grrrr…

  2. susan scott
    susan scott April 19, 2013 at 9:56 pm | | Reply

    Lovely post Melissa thank you! Good on those kind women letting the little girl go first. Men have no clue. When people queue jump for no other reason that they are who they are, it makes me want to belt them.

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